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Double-sided roll seam module iSONIC WAVE BRM

Continuous ultrasonic process for synthetic textiles and nonwovens 

SONOTRONIC's double-sided ultrasonic roll seam module is used for continuous welding and cut-off welding (cut & seal) in textile processing. The ultrasonic roll seam units replace conventional sewing machines in the textile industry. Continuous welds, spot welds and seams with free geometries can be produced. Fabrics made of thermoplastic synthetic fibers are then no longer sewn with a thread, but firmly welded with ultrasonic. As a result, no holes are created in the fabric by needle stitches and subsequent taping is no longer necessary. In addition to use in manual workstations, the ultrasonic roll seam systems can also be integrated into existing and new machines.

In this process, the disk-shaped sonotrode produces continuous weld seams without seam interruption during ultrasonic roll seam welding. For this purpose, the roll seam sonotrode is made of titanium and mounted on both sides. At the same time, the design of the anvil wheels with different contours and widths allows great flexibility in the design of the seam.

Another area of application is the simultaneous cutting and welding of thermoplastic textiles with particularly wear-resistant steel sonotrodes. This produces not only tight seams, but also minimal seam protrusions. During edge trimming with ultrasonic, the edges are already sealed and prevent fraying.


  • Welding and cutting of elastic and non-elastic textiles
  • No fraying during edge trimming
  • Minimum seam protrusion
  • Weld seam width 2 mm - 25 mm
  • Flexible seam design
  • No subsequent taping of seams
  • Rotating sonotrode made of titanium (10 mm or 25 mm width)
  • Rotating steel sonotrode (7 mm or 10 mm width for cut & seal)
  • Welding speed from 0.3 - 20 m/min or 1 0- 80 m/min
  • Amplitude control proportional to welding speed


  • Fabric
  • Mesh fabric
  • Nonwovens for surgical gowns and drapes
  • Elastic materials, e.g. corsetry fabrics
  • Filter and nonwoven materials
  • Bellows filters for air and gasoline filtration in automobiles
  • Air filters for agricultural machinery


  • Ultrasonic
  • Mechanical processing

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