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Hot air riveting

Product-friendly welding process for sensitive surfaces

Hot-air riveting is a joining technique in which the material is not damaged but gently brought into shape. This process is particularly suitable for materials that tend to show marks and impressions when processed with other riveting techniques.

First, air is heated by a heating cartridge. Then this heated air specifically flows around the thermoplastic rivet dome. After the rivet dome has been uniformly heated, it is homogeneously formed with the cold stamping die (riveting calotte) and riveted to the material. The result is a riveted joint with high strength that leaves no marks, especially on the visible side or sensitive surfaces of the parts. Depending on the material and rivet dome contour, the power of the heating cartridge and the air volume can vary during hot-air riveting. Joining materials using hot air also prevents particle formation and buildup on the tool.


  • Process gentle on material
  • High strength
  • No markings on the surface



  • Door panel
  • Trim
  • Luggage net
  • Decorative parts
  • LED light strips

Hot air feed unit

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