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Roll seam module with cantilevered sonotrode iSONIC WAVE ERM

Ultrasonic sealing of packaging material with thermoplastic layers

The ultrasonic roll seam module with cantilevered sonotrode is particularly suitable for continuous sealing and welding without interfering contours in the packaging industry. The module can be integrated into existing and newly developed machine concepts. It is mainly used in horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal machines. In addition, four-seal edge bags can be produced by means of ultrasonic roll seam welding.

In the process, both the roll seam sonotrode and the anvil are driven, so that there is no slip in the film. The dual drive also means that there is no relative movement between the sealing wheel and the film.

In contrast to other thermal processes, ultrasonic technology allows the use of monofilms, since there is no need for a heat-insensitive outer layer to be laminated onto the film. Furthermore, the continuous ultrasonic process can also be used to seal very thin polymer films (15 μm) in high quality, which has not been possible satisfactorily with other thermal sealing systems to date.


  • Continuous sealing seams
  • Tight sealing seams even on product wetted surfaces
  • No thermal radiation to damage the product or film
  • Assembly directly underneath the bag
  • Sealing of mono-films and very thin films (15 μm) possible
  • No slip of the film
  • Use in VFFS and HFFS machines and for bags with four sealed edges
  • Environmentally friendly and energysaving


  • Horizontal form fill and seal machines (HFFS)
  • Vertical flow wrap machines (VFFS)
  • Production of four-seal bags


  • Ultrasonic

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