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Ultrasonic special machinery

Energy-efficient processing of plastics

As an ultrasonic specialist, we develop and produce innovative special machines and automated production lines for the industrial processing of plastics. With over 2,300 realized projects, we are market leaders in the automotive industry.

Brückenmaschinen, Schiebetischmaschinen, Kassettenmaschinen, Wechselkonzept mit Werkzeugkassetten, Roboteranlagen,   Ultraschall-Vorrichtungen, Flexible Fertigung, Automatisierte Produktionslinien

The applications range from ultrasonic welding machines for joining thermoplastics to robotic systems for flexible ultrasonic punching of bumpers, for example. We also solve cutting, riveting or embossing with ultrasonic. If the task requires it, we integrate additional devices, such as transport or gluing units, to automate processes and combine work steps. 

The aim of every joining technique is to join the material firmly and gently. Depending on the material, other processes such as hot plate welding, infrared or even hot air riveting can also be used and combined.

Optimal machine solution for customer-specific applications

Ultraschall-Schweißmaschine, Heizelementmaschine, Infrarotmaschine, Heißluftmaschine, Stanz-Anlagen

From simple ultrasonic punching machines to highly complex special designs, we exhaust all possibilities to find the optimal machine solution for customer-specific applications. We adapt the special machines to the requirements of our customers' production lines and quality standards. If the workpieces allow it, we combine several work processes by developing machines with rotary tables, swivel frames or sliding tables.

The design of the machines is customized according to the working process, the degree of automation and the application. On request, we design our special machines and assemblies in such a way that they can be easily integrated into existing production lines or machine concepts. We optimize our special machines by means of various parameters, such as: work processes, process times, safety, flexibility, ease of operation, quality of applications, service life of machines and tools.



Special machines for ultrasonic welding and riveting

Automotive Interieur Exterieur Stoßfänger Türverkleidung Instrumententafel

Automotive Interior

  • Welding door panels
  • Welding instrument panels
  • Welding of instrument clusters
  • Welding center consoles
  • Welding A-B-C pillars
  • Riveting airbag covers
  • Welding filter mats
  • Riveting steering column trims

Automotive Exterior

  • Welding roof and rear spoilers
  • Welding headlight lenses
  • Welding wheel arch covers
  • Welding underbody coverings
  • Welding rocker panels
  • Welding headlight washers
  • Welding sidemarker lights 
  • Welding engine compartment components


  • Welding appliance housings
  • Welding washing machine door & sight glass
  • Welding children's toys
  • Welding functional components
  • Welding high quality electronic products
  • Sealing blister packs
  • Welding consumer and lifestyle products
  • Welding printer cartridges


Special machines for ultrasonic punching

Ultraschall Stanzen Stoßfänger Türverkleidung PDC Halter

Automotive Interior

  • Punching wind deflector
  • Punching door opener 
  • Punching headliner
  • Punching entrance lights
  • Punching navigation modules
  • Punching composite materials

Automotive Exterior

  • Punching bumpers
  • Punching parking sensors
  • Punching headlight cleaning systems
  • Punching sidemarker lights
  • Punching trailer hitches 
  • Punching rear spoiler


  • Punching and welding membranes
  • Punching technical textiles
  • Punching belts
  • Punching housings
  • Punching medical implants
  • Punching sound insulation


Alternative welding and riveting techniques

Alternative Schweißverfahren Heißnieten, Heißluft-Nieten, Infrarot-Nieten

Hot plate welding
Hot plate riveting

  • Welding upper and lower shells
  • Welding glove boxes
  • Welding center consoles

Infrared riveting
Infrared welding

  • Riveting door panels
  • Riveting automotive trim parts
  • Riveting sensors for agricultural equipment

Hot air riveting
Hot air welding

  • Riveting interior parts e.g. center consoles
  • Riveting engine compartment parts
  • Riveting seat shells


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