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Feed units (VE)

For the fixation of the ultrasonic oscillating units

The feed units are mainly used in special machine construction in industries such as the automotive industry or other plastics processing industries, the textile industry as well as in packaging machine construction and the food industry. For the various applications, they can be easily integrated into existing or new machine concepts.

As an ultrasonic specialist, we use our feed units (VE) in special machine construction ourselves and have perfected them with our experience. We achieve the longevity of our feed units through excellent workmanship and high-quality precision guides.

Ultraschall-Vorschubeinheiten Fixierung der Ultraschall-Schwinggebilde zur exakten Positionierung der Sonotrode zum Bauteil

What is a feed unit and how does a feed unit work?

The feed unit (VE) is a pneumatically, hydraulically or motor-driven pressing unit to which the entire ultrasonic oscillating unit is fixed or also partially integrated. SONOTRONIC offers feed units for oscillating units with the ultrasonic frequencies 35 kHz, 30 kHz and 20 kHz.

With the 20 kHz frequency, the highest welding forces are achieved and the largest dimensions of components can be processed. Different diameters and stroke lengths are also available for the various types of feed units. In our special machines, we usually use up to 160 feed units at the same time - occasionally more, in the more compact workrooms of the ECOFLEX up to 20 units, and the standard ultrasonic machine ECO iSONIC is designed for one feed unit. For special applications, SONOTRONIC has developed various feed units in special designs.

A feed unit consists of a slide that can extend or retract along a specific linear guide. Due to the high-quality precision guides, the feed units are particularly durable. This allows the oscillating unit with the sonotrode to be lowered onto the workpiece during intermittent work processes and pressed onto the area to be machined with the desired contact force. After completion of the joining or cutting process, the feed unit is raised again. The entire movement sequence usually functions automatically, but can also be controlled manually.



Feed units in special design

Particularly in special machine construction, special solutions for the design of the feed units are required in certain cases. For example, if welding points are difficult to access, space is limited or extreme height differences between the welding points have to be mastered, the standard feed units cannot be used.

Vorschubeinheiten in Sonderausführung, Kompakt- oder Kurzhub-VE

For this purpose, SONOTRONIC develops special feed units in special designs to meet the requirements of the customer and the application.



Feed units
in standard design

Vorschubeinheiten in Standardausführung


  • Precise monitoring of the welding path
  • Precise infeed into the welding position
  • Precise build up of the welding force
  • Anodized housing (natural aluminum)
  • Easy integration into existing or new machine concepts 

Feed units
in special design

Vorschubeinheiten in Standardausführung


  • For limited space conditions: 
    Compact or short-stroke feed units
  • For hard-to-reach spot welds:
    Backstroke or angled feed units
  • For extreme height differences:
    Tandem feed units with two separate oscillating units

iSONIC Stepper
feed units

Vorschubeinheiten in Sonderausführung


  • For  ultrasonic riveting or surface welding in filigree applications
  • With stepper motor
  • High process stability and long service life
  • Position monitoring
  • Better welding results
  • Low energy costs

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