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Food cut

Whether in large industrial bakeries, in confectionery production, or in cheese processing - our ultrasonic cutting technology has many applications.

Both pastries with cream or sugar-containing layers as well as other doughy or fatty foods can be cut in or out with ultrasonic in visually appealing quality in a controlled manner. We adapt the cutting geometries of the tools for longitudinal or cross-cuts individually to the product requirements.

The ultrasonic vibrations cause only a small amount of product residue to adhere to the sonotrodes, so that they have a self-cleaning effect, so to speak.

Due to the ultrasonic vibrations, cutting sonotrodes work with a lower contact pressure than conventional knives. At the same time, their wear is lower and the cutting quality is significantly higher. In addition, the use of ultrasonic cutting systems has a positive effect on the maintenance and downtimes of the systems.


  • Beautiful cut appearance and shape retention
  • Product-specific cutting geometries
  • Cutting sonotrodes with low product adhesion and self-cleaning effect
  • Reduction of maintenance and downtime
  • Cutting of products almost independent of consistency

Industrial solutions

Tubular bags
Blisters, trays, cups

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