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Treatment of problematic organic substances without chemicals

Ultrasonic technology is also used in the industrial sector with the BIOSONATOR high-performance ultrasonic reactor to prepare problematic organic substances for better degradation.

What is the BIOSONATOR used for in industry?

  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Surface processes
  • Desorption of organic substances
  • Making cell contents available
Abwassereinigung in industriellen Anwendungen ohne Chemie mit Ultraschall

Sterilization of process water and wastewater

Ultrasonic is suitable for disinfecting water with high concentrations of solids (turbidity). Classical methods such as UV or chlorine are ineffective in these cases.


What are the advantages of disinfection with ultrasonic?

  • Environmentally friendly process
  • No chemical substances
  • Reduction of powdered activated carbon


Treatment of difficult wastewater without costly chemical processes

Persistent organic pollutants that can usually only be treated with expensive chemical processes, e.g. in landfill leachate, are changed in their chemical structure by ultrasonic so that they become biodegradable. As a result, even difficult wastewater can now be subjected to universal and economically advantageous biological treatment.

At SONOTRONIC, we unfold a broad band of previously unknown ultrasonic variants and thus arrive at new methods for intensifying surface processes: The desorption of organic and inorganic substances/pollutants is improved (soil purification).

Analogous to municipal wastewater treatment, we also intensify conventional processes of biological wastewater treatment and sludge treatment in the industrial sector with our innovative process technology.


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