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SONOTRONIC GmbH. Linked with success.

With innovative strength and quality awareness, SONOTRONIC develop and produce special machines, standard machines, assemblies and components for the processing of plastics. Our experience in joining plastics makes us your specialist for ultrasonic welding, but also punching, riveting, embossing and cutting with ultrasonic – and this since 1974. Alternatively and also as a hybrid solution, the processes hot plate, infrared or hot air are used.

Specialist in the construction of special machines for ultrasonic welding

We are market leader in mechanical engineering for special machines in the automotive industry. Our machines are used worldwide for joining and punching plastic parts in automotive exteriors and interiors at well-known OEMs. We realize concepts for one-man operation up to automated production lines. In addition, we develop and produce for all plastic processing industries, the packaging industry, the food industry, for the textile industry and the environmental industry.


Joining together - festive SONIC'DAYS in Karlsbad


Joining together - festive SONIC'DAYS in Karlsbad

Two important anniversaries were celebrated in June: SONOTRONIC GmbH, a leader in the field of ultrasonic machine construction, was able to look back on a proud 50 years. At the same time, KSL, a specialist in highly automated sewing and welding robot solutions, celebrated its 60th anniversary. In honor of these milestones, the “SONIC'DAYS” took place in mid-June at SONOTRONIC's headquarters in Karlsbad-Ittersbach.

SONOTRONIC on the upswing: Ultrasonic custom machine manufacturer under new management


SONOTRONIC on the upswing: Ultrasonic custom machine manufacturer under new management

The ultrasonic special machine manufacturer SONOTRONIC from Karlsbad has a new owner. After a nine-month period of insolvency and restructuring, the company is now part of the Dürkopp Adler Group (DA Group), which in turn is part of the internationally active Shang Gong Group (SGG). Dr. Frank Meyer takes over the position of Managing Director. The acquisition of the ultrasound expert opens up new opportunities for SGG to expand its portfolio and strengthen its position in the global market. Customers can benefit from the proven products and services of the future SONOTRONIC GmbH.

Our industry solutions

For automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we design and produce equipment for the processing of particularly high-quality plastics, such as those frequently found in the automotive industry. Did you know that? The best result when placing and welding holders for sensors in the inside of painted bumpers is achieved with ultrasonic. The paint is not damaged in the process. Click here for more info!

Automotive Exterieur Ultraschall Bearbeitung, Schweißen, Nieten, Stanzen, Kunststoffe Stoßfänger, Scheinwerfer, Spoiler, Radlaufverkleidung, Türseitenverkleidung, Unterbodenverkleidung

​With our machines and automated production lines, almost all series of automotive interior equipment can be produced. Combined with tool change concepts, parts with similar shapes can be produced cost-effectively. Our production lines with robots and linear conveyor systems are particularly economical, as various processing steps are realized in one cycle. Click here for more information!

Höchste Schweißqualität für Automobil-Interieur: Verkleidungen, Mittelkonsole, Zierblenden, Filter, Leuchten, Instrumente, Akustikabsorber, Hochtoener, Lautsprecher, Gepaecknetze, Instrumententafel

​Wherever injection molded parts and extruded plastic parts are used, the innovative ultrasonic technology, also combined with our alternative joining techniques, offers absolute process reliability. To ensure that the requirements for tightness and strength can be met in the series production process, we focus our attention on the design of the parts as well as the design of the joining zone. Click here for more info!

Plastics, Kfz-Technik, Weiße Ware, Elektronik, Bürobedarf, Medizin, Sportartikel, Spielwaren

​The high demands in the packaging industry must also be met in the joining and cutting technology: convenience, sustainability, flexibility, but also efficiency and cost savings. Our systems and solutions for sealing, cutting and punching different types of packaging are based on highly developed ultrasonic technology. Click here for more info!

Blister, Beutel, Tuben, Flachbeutel, Getraenkekarton, Standbodenbeutel, Schlauchbeutel, Lebensmittel Ultraschall schneiden, Trennschweißen, Medikamente, Hygieneartikel, elektronische Konsumgüter

​Our technologies for welding, roll seam welding, cutting, punching and embossing textile materials with ultrasonic have already established themselves on the market. Our customers include manufacturers and users of technical fibers and textiles, e.g. the nonwovens industry, vehicle construction, technical textile manufacture, mechanical engineering and many others. Click here for more information!

Ultraschall-Maschinen, -Systemen und -Komponenten für Prozesse und Anwendungen in der Textilindustrie.

​For the environmental sector, SONOTRONIC develops and manufactures high-performance ultrasonic systems for water and environmental technology to optimize the efficiency of sewage treatment and biogas plants as well as industrial applications. In addition, we offer preliminary tests and feasibility studies in this field. Click here for more information!

Innovative Hochleistungs-Ultraschallsysteme für die Wasser- und Umwelttechnik