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Ultrasonic welding technology for demanding applications with high quality requirements

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices defines medical devices as products with a medical purpose that are intended by the manufacturer for use in humans. Medical devices include, for example, infusion accessories such as drop sensors. A special seam design in conjunction with a contour sonotrode enables a watertight weld here. In this product, the lid is welded with a finely grained surface without damaging the visible side. Ultrasonic technology offers versatile solutions for applications in the medical sector.

The use of ultrasonic is also an established process for the classic production of face masks, as well as for the manufacture of FFP masks and hygiene and protective equipment. These applications can be found here: Industries » Technical Textiles » Nonwoven.

Ultraschallschweißen für medizinische Produkte wie Membrane, Adapter und Konnektoren, Chirurgische Instrumente und Funktionsbauteile, Fluidbehälter und Filter, Atemschutzmasken, OP-Kleidung


Realized applications are for example

  • Watertight welding of drop sensors
  • Waterproof welding of analysis accessories
  • Tight welding of reactive chambers
  • Semipermeable membranes for particle filtration devices - tight and particle-free welding
  • Tight welding of liquid containers such as bottles, secretion containers, bags, tissue culture bottles 
  • Strong ultrasonic welds for medical functional components such as dental devices, implants, insulin injectors or prostheses
  • Ultrasonic sealing of disposable syringe packaging
  • Ultrasonic welding of respiratory masks, wound dressings and plasters while maintaining antibacterial coatings and breathability

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