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Ultrasonic cutting systems

Consistently high cutting quality even in challenging cutting applications

In the automotive industry, the textile industry and the food industry, our ultrasonic cutting systems are mainly used for integration into existing machine concepts. Depending on the application, we realize compact solutions with which several steps can be carried out in one process. 

Due to the ultrasonic vibrations, cutting sonotrodes operate with a lower contact force than conventional knives. At the same time, their wear is lower and the cutting quality is significantly higher. In addition, the use of ultrasonic cutting systems has a positive effect on the maintenance and downtimes of the systems.

Food cutting

  • 100 % precise cut - 0 % scrap
  • Attractive cut appearance 
  • Shape retention
  • Product-specific cutting geometries
  • Cutting sonotrodes with low product adhesion and self-cleaning effect
  • Cold cutting tools
  • Reduction of maintenance and downtime
  • Cutting of products almost independent of consistency


  • Cutting and separating cakes, meringues and other baked goods
  • Slitting and cross-cutting of sponge cakes and confectioneries
  • Cutting of cheese into slices or pieces
  • Controlled cutting of pretzels





Cutting fabrics

  • Consistent punching and cutting quality 
  • Cleanly sealed cut edges without fraying
  • No thickening of cut edges, no need for subsequent flattening
  • Cut & seal for multilayer textiles
  • Very good process control and reliability
  • Low tool wear
  • Cold punching and cutting tools
  • Very short cycle times
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Simple, fast tool change
Ultraschall Reporter-Schneiden, Gewebe, Textilien, Lebensmittel, Plastics, Vliese, Gurte, Bänder, Leder


  • Cutting to length, cutting and punching of technical textiles such as tension belts, airbags or dog leashes
  • Cutting of belts
  • Robot trimming for door panels
  • Cutting seat foam for seat heating and flat ribbon cables





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