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Textile & Apparel

Continuous weld seams with high design variety

Modern materials, design variety, elasticity, a beautiful look and, of course, a comfortable feel are the increasing requirements in the fashion world.

In this industry, our ultrasonic machines, systems and components are used in garment finishing. The ultrasonic roll seam units used in this process replace conventional sewing machines. Continuous welds, spot welds and seams with free geometries can be produced. Fabrics made of thermoplastic synthetic fibers are then no longer sewn with needle and thread, but firmly welded with ultrasonic. As a result, no holes are created in the fabric by needle stitches, subsequent taping is no longer necessary, and the flat seam ensures a high level of wear comfort. In addition to use in manual workstations, the ultrasonic roll seam systems can also be integrated into existing and new machines and guarantee a high, continuous production speed. Ultrasonic is good for the environment, for the material and is economical. No additional consumables such as needle, thread or other joining materials are needed anymore.

Realized applications are for example

  • Roll seam welding of shapewear
  • Ultrasonic cutting of carrying straps for backpacks
  • Roll seam welding of jerseys
  • Intermittent and continuous roll seam welding of surgical clothing
  • Roll seam welding in the manufacture of outdoor clothing 
  • Ultrasonic roll seam welding of protective clothing made of Tyvek
  • Hygienic ultrasonic solutions for cleanroom garments
  • Ultrasonic welding of fingersafe links for goalkeeper gloves

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