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Continuous ultrasonic welding and cutting

Flexible textile fabrics such as nonwovens find numerous applications for ultrasonic technology.
Ultrasonic systems for welding, cutting, punching and embossing are successfully used, for example, for hygiene products, medical products, cleaning products in the household and contract sector, home furnishings, clothing, filtration, vehicle construction, the plastics industry, electrical engineering, agriculture and horticulture, as well as for packaging. The ultrasonic roll seam units used here, among other things, are suitable not only for continuous welding but also for simultaneous cutting and welding of synthetic textiles. This not only produces tight seams, but also only minimal seam protrusions.

Realized applications are for example

  • Welding baby diapers
  • Welding, cutting and embossing of protective masks
  • Welding of surgical clothing or cloths
  • Welding of vacuum cleaner bags
  • Cut & seal of roofing membrane support material
  • Intermittent ultrasonic welding of decorative materials in automobiles
  • Cut & seal of tea bags
  • Separate filter nets and weld them into injection molded parts
  • Welding of different textile materials to wound dressings
  • Ultrasonic cut & seal of compresses
  • Simultaneous separation and sealing of geometric shapes 
  • Welding and sealing of pads from several nonwoven layers

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