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Ultrasonic embossing

Particularly gentle process for textile materials or artificial leather

Individual texts or logos can be "stamped" into imitation leather or corsetry, for example, with little effort during ultrasonic embossing.

In ultrasonic embossing, either the anvil or the sonotrode has the function of a stamp, depending on the application. If the anvil has the function of a stamp, the sonotrode presses the material heated by the ultrasonic onto the stamp so that it is formed in the surface. If the embossing contour is in the sonotrode, it reshapes the material directly on the visible side. 

Since the material is heated by the ultrasonic vibrations, the force required for ultrasonic embossing is significantly lower than for mechanical processes. Further advantages are the short embossing times and the simplicity of the technology itself.

Ultrasonic embossing is used almost exclusively in special applications, e.g. in the textile industry for inserting logos and lettering in corsetry or in the automotive industry for embossing artificial leather in interiors.


  • Short stamping time
  • Low effort
  • Environmentally friendly and energy saving



  • Insertion of logos and fonts in corsetry
  • Embossing logos in automotive interiors
  • Embossing of synthetic leathers in automotive interiors
  • Ultrasonic embossing of nonwovens



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