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Joining of small or large components -
without imprints or impairment of the function

We receive tasks from the electrical industry in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering and telecommunications. Here, the task is often very complex, the parts sensitive. The perfect function of the parts must not be impaired during the machining process, a beautiful appearance for housings, but also tightness are among the requirements. The gentle process is a particular advantage of ultrasonic. In addition, the ultrasonic process offers precise control of the welding or cutting process with high repeatability and precision.

Ultrasonic makes it possible to achieve tight and undetachable joints in a very small area and in just a few milliseconds. For example, switches and buttons are sealed impermeably to external influences, even without an additional sealing ring. Alternatively, other technologies such as thermal forming (riveting), hot-air welding or infrared riveting can be used or used in combination to supplement ultrasonic technology.


Realized applications are for example

  • Welding housings of routers for internet connections
  • Riveting reflectors of signal lights
  • Welding housings for contact switches
  • Welding electronic components such as smartphones reliably with ultrasonic with guaranteed functionality
  • Thermal welding of lens holders and fixing mandrels on a printed circuit board for a signal lamp
  • Fixing of microelectronic components in control units or sensors

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