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Head sealing unit iSONIC WAVE KSE

Ultrasonic tools and sealing tongs from one source

The ultrasonic head sealing unit is a mechanical sealing gripper for free head sealing of stand-up pouches and flat pouches. As a closed complete system, the head sealing unit can be easily integrated into existing or new bag filling lines. Manufacturers can quickly convert their packaging machines to sustainable ultrasonic technology with this complete solution.

To ensure the parallelism requirements, the ultrasonic system and the sealing anvil are mounted on a common, continuous guide system. This guide system is arranged in a second level above the tools so that the sealing area is completely free of additional interfering contours.

Due to the two-level design, the width of the mechanical sealing pliers simultaneously corresponds to the maximum sealing width. The base body of the tongs is specially designed to meet the requirements for bending stiffness and guiding accuracy of an ultrasonic sealer. The maximum stroke, speed profile and holding time of the head sealing unit can be freely reduced to the specific requirements via the servo drive. The servo drive itself is mounted in a vertical axis above the guide system, and coupling is via a crank mechanism with automatic locking in the sealing position. In this way, the head sealing unit can be mounted customer-specifically, for example, via guide rails upwards or downwards, or with a stand housing in which the servo drive is integrated.


  • Modular sonotrodes in 20, 30 or 35 kHz technology can be used
  • Common guidance system comprising the oscillating unit and anvil
  • Sealing strength specifically adjustable
  • Disturbing contours above tool level (not in the sealing area)
  • Speed profile, stroke and retention time-specifically adjustable
  • High guidance accuracy by means of profile guides
  • High sealing forces to avoid film displacement in the sealing process
  • Equipped with customer-specific servo drives


  • Head sealing of stand-up and flat bags


  • Ultrasonic

New study: pouch packaging offers environmental benefits

A life cycle assessment study conducted by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) on behalf of Flexible Packaging Europe concludes that for olives and pasta sauce, flexible pouches are a good packaging option from an environmental perspective. The new study, which examines the environmental impact of multi-material pouches for pasta sauce and olives and compares them with alternative packaging systems, found that flexible pouches offer clear advantages.

You can read the full article here: VERPACKEN-AKTUELL



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