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Innovative ultrasonic technology for water and environmental engineering

For the environmental industry, SONOTRONIC develops and manufactures ultrasonic systems for optimizing the efficiency of sewage treatment and biogas plants. In addition, we offer preliminary tests and feasibility studies in this field.

With the development of processes and applications for the treatment of biosolids, wastewater and water with ultrasonic, we have opened up another future-proof market: The environmental industry. Today, we are already one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic systems in this field.

Ultraschall-Produkte für kommunale und industrielle Kläranlagen, in landwirtschaftlichen Biogasanlagen sowie der Industrie

Our ultrasonic technology increases efficiency in existing wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants

The uncomplicated retrofitting of an ultrasonic system adapted to the respective plant is sufficient to obtain more yield from the existing biosolids. In sewage treatment plants, this means that ultrasonic treatment of the sewage sludge results in less residual sludge and at the same time generates biogas that can be used to supply energy to the sewage treatment plant. In biogas plants, ultrasonic treatment of biomass causes an increase in efficiency by intensifying the fermentation process and increasing the methane content in the biogas.

In view of the fact that the importance of renewable energies will continue to increase in the future and that they are already being subsidized by the state, it may well be of interest to municipal and industrial as well as private plant operators to optimize their plants with ultrasonic technology from SONOTRONIC.

In close cooperation with our partners, ULTRAWAVES - Wasser- und Umwelttechnologien GmbH and the Technical University of Hamburg, we are the only manufacturer to have further developed our technology to meet the special requirements of the environmental sector. Accordingly, our products feature high quality and functionality.


Ultraschall Schwinggebilde für kommunalen und industriellen Kläranlagen, landwirtschaftlichen Biogasanlagen sowie der Industrie.

Ultrasonic products for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, in agricultural biogas plants as well as industry

Since the market launch of the high-performance ultrasonic reactor in 2002, we have been able to carry out numerous installations in Germany and over 20 countries worldwide thanks to our international sales network. With the award of the Initiative Mittelstand (2006) and the innovation award of the state of Baden-Württemberg - Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Preis (2007) - the performance and innovation of the high-performance ultrasonic reactor has already been awarded several times.

We accompany you from the idea to the operation of your ultrasonic system. With years of experience, the expertise gained from numerous projects and our high-performance team, you are in the best hands with SONOTRONIC when it comes to using innovative ultrasonic technology in environmental engineering.


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