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Ultrasonic cut & seal

Welding and at the same time separating materials in one work step 

Ultrasonic cut & seal is used wherever it is necessary to seal edges during cutting or to make a process more efficient by combining the two work steps and bypassing subsequent punching devices. In the packaging industry, for example, the sonotrode table is used here, with which blisters, trays or cups can be sealed and punched out in a single step.

In the textile industry, cut & seal is used for welding elastic and non-elastic thermoplastic textiles, either continuously by means of a roll seam module or intermittently by means of stationary sonotrodes. The advantage of ultrasonic cut & seal is that the edges are already sealed during cutting, thus preventing subsequent fraying.


  • Combined welding and cutting or sealing and punching of:
    • Films and packaging, also if contaminated in the sealing area
    • Elastic and non-elastic synthetic textiles
  • Fast and shortened process times with high process reliability
  • Joining and cutting of several layers in one process
  • No subsequent punching device necessary
  • Reproducible welding and punching quality
  • Complete monitoring of process parameters during production
  • Flexible seam design
  • Minimal seam protrusions
  • Lint-free, firm, non-sharp punched edges
  • Environmentally friendly technology
    • Low energy consumption and thus faster cycle times
    • No solvents or additives for welding
    • Pure recycling of the welded workpieces



  • Blisters
  • Trays
  • Cups
  • Fabric
  • Artificial leather


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