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Ultrasonic assemblies

Efficient, safe and simple ultrasonic processes

SONOTRONIC develops individual ultrasonic assemblies for integration into existing machine concepts for various applications. Solutions such as the patented sonotrode table optimize processes through the advantages of ultrasonic technology.

Ultraschall-Baugruppen, Ultraschall-Systeme,Ultraschall-Module für die effiziente Bearbeitung von Kunststoffen, Verpackungen, Textilien

Since ultrasonic technology can be used in many areas and industries, SONOTRONIC supplies on the one hand ultrasonic assemblies in addition to complete machines and systems. 

On the other hand, we also develop oscillating units as special assemblies, which are built into the customer's own fixtures. One of these special assemblies is the patented sonotrode table, in which several block sonotrodes are arranged to form a flat welding area. The design and shape of the workpieces is determined individually by the anvil embossing. The sonotrode table is mainly used in the packaging industry and realizes customer-specific applications.

Ultrasonic assemblies for different industries

Verpackungstechnik zum Ultraschall-Siegeln, Ultraschall-Schweißen, Ultraschall-Schneiden und Ultraschall-Stanzen von unterschiedlichen Verpackungen, Textilien, Kunststoffe

Packaging industry

  • Ultrasonic sealing of the fin seam
  • Head sealing of stand-up and flat bags
  • End sealing of tubes
  • Systems for use in vertical (VFFS) and horizontal (HFFS) form fill and seal machines
  • Simultaneous sealing and punching of blisters, trays or cups

Food industry

  • Ultrasonic cutting systems for cakes, pies, meringues and other baked goods
  • Longitudinal and transverse cutting of cookie confectionery
  • Cutting of e.g. mozzarella, hard cheese, chocolate into slices or pieces
  • Controlled cutting of pretzels

Textile industry

  • Cutting to length and trimming of nonwovens and fabrics
  • Edge trimming of woven and nonwoven fabrics
  • Punching and cutting of thermoplastic fabric tapes
  • Simultaneous embossing and laminating textiles / nonwovens
Ultraschall Bearbeitung in den Kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrien. Schwerpunkte für den Einsatz unserer Produkten sind die Automobil- und die Verpackungsindustrie und Textile.

Automotive industry

  • Non-marking ultrasonic welding for challenging applications 
  • Joining of plastics with other materials such as wood or metals
  • Cutting foam for seat heating and ribbon cable in car seats
  • Punching of airbags


  • Strong and reliable connections for plastic toys
  • Temperature-resistant connections for consumer goods
  • Integration of electronic components in electrical appliances or household items

Environmental technology

  • Sewage sludge disintegration
  • Energy production from biogas
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Surface processes
  • Desorption of organic substances
  • Making cell contents available 


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