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Hot air

Positive joining connections for maximum strength

In hot air technology, which is used industrially, thermal energy is transferred to other objects. The bond is achieved by forming the thermoplastic.


What is hot air riveting?

In thermal riveting, temperature-controlled hot air is directed onto the plastic. Only the domes to be formed are heated. The rivets themselves and the surrounding surface remain unaffected. The joints made by hot air riveting are exceptionally durable, even when joined (riveted) with different materials.

Hot air feed unit

When is hot air riveting used?

This process is particularly suitable for materials that are prone to marks and impressions when processed with other riveting techniques.


Which plastics can be processed with hot air?

Thermoplastics are the only plastics that can be welded. Thermoplastics are plastics that can be formed within a certain temperature range. This is achieved by heating to the molten state. In addition, the deformation can be repeated any number of times (reversibly) by cooling and reheating. Thermoplastics are mainly used for injection molded parts and extruded parts.


What are typical parts for the hot air process?

  • Door panel
  • Trim
  • Luggage net
  • Decorative parts
  • LED light strips



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