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Standard machines iSONIC ECO

Flexible concepts with quick tool change 
and versatile accessories

Our ultrasonic welding machines of the iSONIC ECO series are versatile and proven in their design. The product portfolio of the ultrasonic standard machines includes the iSONIC ECO pneumatic welding machine, the iSONIC ECO NC ultrasonic series welding machine with servo drive and open control concept, and the iSONIC ECO FLEX ultrasonic welding cabin with changeover concept. The standard machine program is supplemented by the iSONIC WAVE HSG handheld welding device and the iSONIC MASK WELDER standard machine duo concept.

Ultraschall Standardmaschinen ECO iSONIC, NC iSONIC, ECOFLEX, Handschweiß-Gerät DNP iSONIC, Heißnieten, Heiluft-Nieten, Infrarot-Nieten, Ultraschall-Prägen, Ultraschall-Schweißen, Ultraschall-Stanzen, Ultraschall-Rollnahtschweißen, Ultraschall-Schneiden,

The standard machines impress with their simple tool change, fast setup, high process reliability and foolproof user guidance. Without expert knowledge and training depth, the user achieves perfect welding results across a wide range of different applications. 

We develop and manufacture our products with the highest precision in-house. We make it a point to find the optimal solution for your application with our standard machines and components. The tools for the ultrasonic standard machines are produced one hundred percent according to our own development and controlled production in our tool manufacturing center. With the help of the FEM (Finite Element Method), the optimal oscillation behavior is simulated and calculated. In this way, we guarantee perfectly matched tools and components to your requirements.

Standard machines for processing plastic parts and textiles

NC iSONIC Ultraschall-Serienschweißmaschine mit Servoantrieb und offenem Steuerungskonzept, ECO iSONIC für kleine Kunststoff-Bauteile, ECO FLEX iSONIC für mittelformatige Kunststoff-Bauteile, Ultraschall-Handschweißgerät DNP iSONIC


  • Rivet airbag covers
  • Welding trim strips
  • Welding center consoles
  • Rivet steering column trims
  • Welding decorative trim
  • Welding accent and door sill trims
  • Welding cupholders
  • Welding tweeters


  • Weld washing machine door & sight glass
  • Welding children's toys
  • Rivet LED signaling devices
  • Weld high quality electronic products
  • Sealing blister packs
  • Weld reflectors
  • Welding ink cartridges
  • Riveting fan wheel


  • Welding filters
  • Welding mouth and nose masks
  • Cutting and welding textile tapes
  • Welding vacuum cleaner bags
  • Welding Velcro fasteners
  • Embossing artificial leather
  • Welding membranes
  • Thermoplastic fabric spot welding



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