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Automotive engineering

Sustainable processing of automotive parts for the engine compartment as well as exterior and interior

For the automotive industry, our technologies are mainly used in special machines. But we also offer ultrasonic components for existing or new machine concepts for the various parts in the vehicle – even demanding part shapes can be realized. Together with our development department, we solve your requirements precisely and with the highest quality.

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Realized applications are for example

  • Connect belt buckles
  • Tightly weld lights and turn signal housing
  • Tightly weld expansion tank and valve body
  • Weld driving lights and rear lights
  • Weld turn signals and headlights
  • Rivet tweeter and protective grille
  • Rivet and weld decorative elements, door sill trims, cup holders and center consoles
  • Ultrasonic joining of door side and trunk trim panels
  • Welding underbody covers and seat trims
  • Welding plastic filters and nonwovens
  • Tight welding of housings

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