Ultrasonic Cutting

Not only non-woven and textile fabrics, but also various foods can be precisely and cleanly separated or cut by ultrasound.

Depending on application, cutting can be performed vertically, horizontally or continuously (roll seam sonotrodes) with the appropriate sonotrode design. Sonotrodes used as cutting tools suffer comparatively low wear. Because they are cold, as in the case of ultrasonic welding and punching, a wide variety of materials can be efficiently processed. Examples of this in the food industry are various types of cheese, bakery products and confectionery, dough or deep frozen products. The respective sonotrodes divide the food precisely with the help of ultrasonic oscillations. Cutting itself is due to the reduced force required by the vibration of the cutting tool easier than with conventional knives. The foods are therefore not deformed by compression or squashing.

In the textile sector, ultrasonic cutting is distinguished by the fact that the cut edges of the non-woven or fabric do not fray. Instead, they are sealed or fused by ultrasonic technology. Besides which, during cutting desirable material embossing occurs along the cut edges, making the material thinner.

SONOTRONIC uses the technology in special machines for various sectors, for example, for separating non-woven or fabrics in the automotive industry. For the textile and food industries, we supply mainly ultrasonic systems and assemblies for incorporation in existing machine concepts.