Hot Plate Welding

Hot plate welding is ideal for welding large surface plastic components. The welds may be hidden and are characterised by their strength.

Because of its method of operation, hot plate welding is also referred to as contact welding or butt-welding with heat reflectors. Welding itself takes place in several separate stages: a mobile heat reflector first of all plasticises the joining surfaces. The heat reflector then moves away from the vicinity of the join and the heat- softened surfaces are pressed together.

During hot plate welding, workpiece fluctuations can very easily be balanced out. The weld joins are reproducible and can be hidden. After cooling the weld is extremely strong.

Thermoplastics, in particular workpieces with large-surface joins or double walls, can be welded. The process also offers the facility to weld together combinations of hard and soft plastics.

SONOTRONIC designs and manufactures hot tool machines, for example for welding pressure vessels, pressure equalisation vessels, half-pipes (domestic appliances, electronics and electrical engineering) or glove compartments (automotive industry).

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