Ultrasonic Oscillating Equipment

SONOTRONIC develops individual ultrasonic oscillating equipment for different applications for incorporation in existing machine concepts. Solutions, such as our patented sonotrode table, optimise processes due to the advantages of ultrasonic technology.

Since ultrasonic technology is applicable in numerous areas and sectors, SONOTRONIC also supplies ultrasonic oscillating equipment in addition to complete machines and installations. This equipment may be components into which ultrasonic converters are fitted. In most cases these components perform movements of their own, for example, as in the case of the actuators.

On the other hand, we also develop oscillating units as special equipment, which are fitted to the customer’s own machines. One of this special equipment is the patented sonotrode table, where several block sonotrodes are combined to form one flat welding area. The size and form of the work pieces is determined by the anvil's geometry. The sonotrode table system is manly used in the packaging industry where it helps to provide customer and application-specific solutions.


Characteristics and advantages:

  • Simple integration into existing machine concepts
  • Optimisation of processes thanks to ultrasonic technology

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