Other Special Machines

SONOTRONIC taps the full potential of possibilities, from the simple ultrasonic welding machine to the highly complex, special designs in order to find the optimum solution for the customer's particular applications.

Some applications require simple ultrasonic welding or punching machines without any specific design features.

Furthermore SONOTRONIC develops and produces special designs for applications, which cannot be processed either by moving top platen, sliding table, rotary indexing plate and toll cassette machines or by robot systems. In such cases we endeavour to consider the ideas, wishes and requirements of our customers and produce tailor-made solutions.


Characteristics and advantages:

  • Different standardised versions of special machines, for example:
    • Ultrasonic welding machines
    • Ultrasonic punching machines
  • Customer and application specific machine designs
  • Optimum machine solutions

Subject to alterations.

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