Infrared Machines

With ultrasound and infrared solutions, SONOTRONIC now offers two complementary processes. If required, because of the material properties of the components, the standard and special machines are fitted with infrared units.

Optimised infrared process

To satisfy the market requirements, SONOTRONIC has optimised the characteristics of infrared technology. Given a heating time of approx. 6 – 12 seconds, the power required is only 80 Watts. Even the joining forces have been reduced and can be adjusted by an external pressure regulator. The mechanical components have been designed to be compact and interchangeable so as to achieve stable processes.

To improve the results further, consideration also has to be given to the design of the joint geometries and their environment during infrared riveting. This requires close co-operation between the machine manufacturer and the customer. SONOTRONIC will provide you with professional advice on the component-specific requirements for infrared riveting.


In addition, total solutions can be achieved by a combination of ultrasonic and infrared feed units (hybrid machines). A classic example of this is loudspeaker grilles made from POM, which are to be fitted into door panels together with other parts. The innovative infrared riveting process is already used in the market in many cases in customised machines. Both hybrid machines with ultrasound and infrared, as well as special machines have been produced, with more than 50 infrared feed units in each case.


  • Infrared units from experienced special machine manufacturers
  • Compact design compared with existing market solutions
  • Infrared lamp highly efficient by focusing the infrared rays
  • Clearly reduced joining forces with process control using embossing depth
  • Heating and embossing in one position (without moving)
  • View of riveting position when setting up
  • Heating position of infrared lamp can be adjusted by hard stop; position maintained, even after changing the lamp (no adjustment necessary)
  • Infrared lamp can be rapidly changed
  • Integrated purge air and electrical control

Technical Data

Lamp supply (DC) [V] 46 with current limiter
Lamp output [W] 80
Compressed air supply [bar] (unoiled, dried and filtered) 6
Embossing force [N] can be adjusted by external pressure regulators 90 – 260 (2 – 6 bar)
Purge air [l/min] can be adjusted via external chokes 3 – 5
Main cylinder diameter [mm] can be selected by external valve 25
Slewing cylinder diameter [mm] can be selected by external valve 12
Main stroke, max. [mm] 60
Hard stop for main stroke [mm] (adjustable) 0 – 10
Heating time [s] (depending on material) 6 – 12
Embossing time [s] (depending on material)

5 – 8

Subject to technical modifications.

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