Ultrasonic Welding Systems for Cartons

The ultrasonic welding systems of SONOTRONIC are suitable for cartons which are coated with a weldable surface.

In drinks cartons this coating is usually made from PE. The closures, which are likewise made from PE, are tightly welded to the sealing layer of the carton by ultrasound.

A further application of cartons is welding to blister trays. The layer on the carton must be adapted to the material of the blister. The transparent blisters, which are usually deep-drawn from PET, show the product to its best advantage whilst the welded on carton serves to provide product information.

In order to comply with the special production requirements of food packaging, our ultrasonic system complies with the IP68 safety standard. For the welding tools we use titanium.


  • Welding coated cartons
  • Cold welding components of titanium

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