Ultrasonic Cutting Systems for Food

Whether in large industrial bakeries, in confectionery manufacture or cheese-making – our ultrasonic cutting technology is versatile in application.

Bakery products containing cream or sugary layers, as well as other dough or fat-containing foods, can be cut or trimmed in a controlled way by ultrasound to produce a quality that is visually appealing. The cutting geometries of the tools for longitudinal or cross cuts are individually tailored to product requirements.

As a result of ultrasonic vibrations, only slight product residues remain adhered to the sonotrode, so that to a certain extent, it demonstrates a self-cleaning action.

Because of the ultrasonic vibrations, cutting sonotrodes work with a lower initial pressure than conventional cutters. At the same time, sonotrode wear is less and the cutting quality is considerably better. In addition, the use of ultrasonic cutting systems has a positive effect on the maintenance and down times of the equipment.


  • Pleasing cut and form stability
  • Product-specific cutting geometries
  • Cutting sonotrodes with little product adhesion and self-cleaning action
  • Reduction in maintenance and down times
  • Products cut almost irrespective of consistency

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