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New information page on sustainability at SONOTRONIC

The website provides detailed information why SONOTRONIC is climate neutral and how the company is further committed to sustainability and climate protection. The current and planned actions, as well as results, are documented on the new website and make the path to climate neutrality comprehensible and transparent.

In addition, makes it clear that compensation with high-quality climate protection certificates is only chosen as an additional measure and that above all avoidance and reduction of CO2 emissions is SONOTRONIC's goal.

Ingo Nagel, Managing Director of SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH, clearly defines "A major and important goal is to offer customers of SONOTRONIC the chance to purchase machines from 100% climate-neutral production in the future. Ultrasonic is a high technology that makes it possible to replace existing conventional technologies, but also to open up completely new markets. Sustainability and Green Technology are required - ultrasonic combines this from the ground up and with the GREEN SONICS brand. The label GREEN SONICS also stands for the philosophy of SONOTRONIC. Sustainable action on a social, ecological and economic level is deeply anchored in the roots of the company in a variety of ways and is lived every day. We develop and build state-of-the-art machines and components that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and CO₂ -reducing - today and in the future!" Contact person for sustainability management at SONOTORONIC:

Mr. Karl-Hermann Schneider
Tel. +49 7248 9166-0

Becker-Goering-Strasse 17-25
76307 Karlsbad