FOOTBALL’S COMING TO SONOTRONIC SPORTS PARK: Company tournament on the new hybrid pitch

Several highlights marked out the sports festival of SV Langensteinbach from 12 to 16 July. One was the inauguration of the “green hard pitch” and a second was the company football tournament involving two SONOTRONIC teams.

Thursday evening marked the successful start when the new pitch was inaugurated on the hard pitch at SONOTRONIC’s sports park in Langensteinbach. The so-called hybrid pitch is sown together with small plastic particles and is easily biodegradable. The outstanding advantage of the hybrid pitch, which is otherwise used mainly in professional football, is its toughness. In other words, the pitch is more homogeneous, stable and even, meaning that there are fewer dents and bumps. All those involved should also be pleased that the risk of injury is minimal, helping to promote a technically demanding game. We are excited at the prospects!

A donation made it possible to acquire part of the playing field right from the start, thereby contributing to its success. Of course, Dieter Nagel, founder of SONOTRONIC Nagel GmbH, immediately secured the coveted centre circle for himself. Before the official opening match, the SVL manager addressed a few words to the spectators and sportsmen.

On Friday, our two company teams were then also allowed to try out the new hybrid pitch under realistic conditions. Eleven teams in all took part in the company tournament. The games were played for twelve minutes each in two groups, according to the knock-out system. Afterwards, all the teams celebrated late into the night, together with their families, fans and friends over food and drink. For next year, our tournament manager is hoping for even better motivated and gifted players, so that we can finally bring the trophy home.

Effective: Jul 16, 2018